Welcome to Wamena Gallery,

I would like to share some information with you and also let you get to know me because if you're planning to buy a primitive statue like an ancestor figure, an Asmat human skull or an Indonesian weapon from me, you’ll need to trust that what I tell you is true – for example, whether a Keris is antique or new; whether the blade is authentic; whether that dagger really killed someone or not; whether a statue was just for decoration or was used ceremonially – and so on.
With great passion, I collected primitive art during a period of 17 years, mostly from the eastern part of Indonesia and Oceania. My main focus was the western part of the giant island of Papua but I collected also from other region I visited.
I loves hunting through back alleys, small villages and remote tribal areas off the beaten track in search of the real thing – places that I know you would not consider going. I’ve been traveling across all the Indonesian archipelago for years, Raja Ampat, Cendrawasi bay Sentani, Wamena, Asmat, Timor, Sumba, Sulawesi, Tanah Toraja , Java, Borneo and Sumatra.
I present authentic works of uncompromising quality, and guarantee the accuracy of the information I provide about them. The gallery mostly shows only material made for tribal use. Beginners and experienced collectors alike are always welcome.
If you are in search of a Balinese Keris; if you are in search of a real Korwar from Geelvink Bay, an oceanic club, an aboriginal boomerang or if you’re in search of an ancestor figure from Oceania or Indonesia I will be happy to find it for you– just ask – I love that kind of adventure....and I know where to look.
…Please email me for prices and additional information, I will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you all the historical details about whichever a weapon, a mask or a tribal statue that you’re interested in.

Nadji Benotmane