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1. Art of Island Southeast Asia, The Fred and Rita Richmann Collection in The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New-York). FLORINA H. CAPISTRANO. Ed Baker, 155p, 1994.
asmat art woodcarving of southwest NG
2. Asmat Art, Woodcarvings of southwest New Guinea. Ed Dirk Smidt, 155p, 1999.
  3. Forgotten Islands of Indonesia, The Art & Culture of the Southeast Moluccas. NICO DE JONGE & TOOS VAN DIJK. 160p, 1995.
4. The first Discovery of Australia and new Guinea. GEORGE COLLINGRIDGE. Ed Pan Books, 126p, 1982.
5. Pigs for the ancestors by ROY A. RAPPAPORT, Ritual in the Ecology of a New Guinea People. Ed Yale University, 311p, 1972.
SORCERER-AND-WITCH 6. Sorcerer and Witch in Melanesia edited by MICHELE STEPHEN. Melbourne University Press, 310p, 1987.
7. The Morehead, People of Papua New Guinea. National Cultural Council. 16p, 1980.
between-the-tides 8. Between the tides, a fascinating journey among the Kamoro of New Guinea. DAVID PICKELL & photo KAL MULLER. 254p, 2002.
papua-new-guinea-the-first- 9. Papua New Guinea, The First 100 Years. JAMES SINCLAIR. Ed Robert Brown & Associates. 187p, 1985.
gardens-of-war 10. Gardens of War, Life and Death in the New Guinea stone age. ROBERT GARDNER & KARL G. TLEIDER. Ed Andre Deutsh. 184p, 1969.
the-arts-of-papua-new-guine 11. The Arts of Papua New Guinea. ROBERT BROWN & ASSOCIATES.1977.
THE-HIGHLANDERS 12. THE HIGHLANDERS. James Sinclair. Ed The Jacaranda Press. 119p, 1971.
a-travel-survival-kit 13. Papua New Guinea - A travel survival kit. Tony WHEELER. Ed Lonely Planet. 336p, 1988.
the-sorrow-of-the-lonely 14. The Sorrow of the Lonely and the Burning of the Dancers. Edward L. SCHIEFFELIN. Ed St. Martin's Press . 243p, 1976
15. The Fijians. A study of the decay of custom. Basil THOMSON. Ed Heinemann. 393p, 1908.
16. TRAVELS from the Grandeur of the West to the Mysteries of the East. Charlton B. PERKINS. 594p, 1909.
colourful-papua-new-guinea. 17. Colourful Papua New Guinea. James SINCLAIR. Ed RBA. 1977.
18. Cultural Heritage of Sarawak. By Lucas CHIN. SARAWAK MUSEUM. 104p, 1980.
  19. The DAYAK in the françois Coppens Collection. BORNEO. Museum of Solutré. 21 june to 15 october 1996. English and French.
  20. Among the Dayaks. Lim Poh Chiang. 134p, 1990.
  21. BONHAMS. Tribal Art and Ethnographica. Tuesday 26th March 1991, 11am.
22. BONHAMS. Tribal Art and Ethnographica. Tuesday 21st May 1991, 2pm.
tribal-arts-summer-98 23. TRIBAL ARTS. Summer 1998.
24. CHRISTIE'S. London. Important Tribal Art. Monday 24 June 1985.
25. SOTHEBY'S. The Peter Hallinan Collection of Melanesian Art. London, Monday 7th December 1992.
sotheby s 16 nov 2001 26. SOTHEBY'S. African, Oceanic & Northwest Coast Art. 214p, New-York, 16 November 2001.
27. SOTHEBY'S. Important African and Oceanic Art, Including the Collection of Dr. Karl-Ferdinand Schädler, 220p, New-York, 25 May 1999.
  28. SOTHEBY'S. African and Oceanic Art. 168p, New-York, 14 November 2003.
29. SOTHEBY'S. African and Oceanic Art. 231p, New-York, 19 November 1999.
30. SOTHEBY'S. African and Oceanic Art from a Private Collection. 68p, New-York, 25 May 1999.
31. CHRISTIE'S. Important Swords, from the museum of Japenese Sword Fittings . Tuesday 29 March 2005.
32. SPIRITS SPEAK. A celebration of African masks. Peter Stepan. Ed Prestel. 180p. 2005.
new-ireland 33. NEW IRELAND, Ritual Arts of Oceania, in the Collections of the Barbier-Mueller Museum. Mickael Gunn. Ed Skira. 161p. 1997.
34. EASTER ISLAND, giant stone statues tell of a rich and tragic past. By Caroline Arnold. 48p. 2004.
35. The Easter Island Statues. Deborah Underwood. Ed Thomson Gale. 48p.
36. The Pacific Arts of Polynesia & Micronesia. Adrienne L. Kaeppler. Ed Oxford. 210p. 2008.
paris-primitive 37. PARIS PRIMITIVE. Jacques Chirac's Museum on the Quai Branly. Sally price. Ed University of Chicago. 239p. 2007.
material-journeys 38. MATERIAL JOURNEYS. Collecting african and oceanic art 1945-2000. Selections from Geneviève McMillan Collection. Geary and Xatart. 246p. 2007.
wow-ipits 39. WOW-IPITS. Adrian A.Gerbrands. 191p. 1967.
tobaland 40. TOBALAND : the shreds of tradition. Jean-Paul Barbier. Ed Barbier-Muller. 235p. 1983.
41. SOTHEBY & CO. Catalogue of Important African Art and Antiquities. 1956.
asmat-images 42. ASMAT IMAGES. Tobias Schneebaum.198p. 1985.
four-corners-a-journey-into 43. FOUR CORNERS. A journey into the Heart of Papua New Guinea. Kira Salak. 316p. 2001.
papua-new-guinea-wich-way 44. Papua New Guinea: Which Way? Utula Samana. Ed Arena Publications.119p.1988.
45. ART OF OCEANIA. Alain Brianchon. Ed Footprint Pacifique 189p. 2007. English and French.
46. OCEANIA: Art of the pacific islands in the metropoloitan museum of art. Ed Yale University Press. Eric Kjellgren. 354p. 2007.
47. From the South Seas. Oceanic Art in the Teel Collection. Christraud M. Geary. Ed MFA Publication. 159p. 2006.
curiosities-from-the-pacifi 48. Curiosities from Pacific Ocean. David van Duuren and Tristan Mostert. 71p. 2007.
tribal-art-judith-miller 49. TRIBAL ART. The essential world guide. Judith Miller.Ed DK. 240p. 2006.
new-ireland-2 50. NEW IRELAND. Art of the South Pacific.Micael Gunn & Philippe Peltier. Ed Musée du quai Branly.302p. 2006.
bisj-poles 51. Bisj-poles. Sculptures from the rain forest. Pauline van der Zee. Ed KIT Publisher. 118p. 2007.
arc-of-the-ancestor 52. Arc of the Ancestor. Indonesian Art from the Jerome L. Joss collection at UCLA. Jerome Feldman. 95p. 1994.
the-wurtzburger-collection 53. The WURTZBURGER collection of Oceanic Art. Ed Colombia University Press. 40p. 1946.
pacific-encounters 54. PACIFIC ENCOUNTER. Art & Divinity in Polynesia 1760-1860. Steven Hooper.Ed Hawaii. 283p. 2006.
55. PACIFIC TAPA. Roger Neich and Mick Pendergrast. Ed Hawaii. 160p. 1997.
56. ISLAND ANCESTORS Oceanic Art from the Masco Collection. Allen Wardwell. 282p. 1994.
57. SHIELDS OF MELANESIA. Harry Berran and Barry Craig. Ed Hawaii. 286p. 2005.
58. MENTAWAI Art. J. Feeldman, B. Carpenter, F. Wiggers, Aµ. Wentholt. Ed Archipelago Press. 112p. 1999.
59. Paradise Plus. A selection of stories from Air Niugini's in-flight magazine. Gerry Dick. Ed Pacific Publications. 144p. 1979.
60. BATAK Sculpture. Achim Sibeth and Bruce W. Carpenter. Ed D. Millet. 367p. 2007.
61. THE ELEGANCEOF MENACE. Aesthetics of New Guinea Art. Michael Hamson. 96p. 2005.
62. GILTSOFF. Fine Art of Africa, Oceania and The Americas by John Giltsoff.
63. THE COLOUR OF MELANESIA. Conru Primitive Art. 64p. 1999.
where-gods-and-mortals-meet 64. WHERE GODS AND MORTALS MEET. Continuity and Renewal in URHOBO ART. Perkins Foss. Ed Snoeck. 150p. 2004.
65. THE INVINCIBLE KRISES 2. Vanna Ghiringhelli. Ed Saviolo. 185p. 2007.
the-kris 66. THE KRIS. An earthly approach to a cosmic symbol. David van Duuren. Ed Pictures Publishers. 95p. 1996.
67. OCEANIA: Art of the Pacific Islands in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Eric Kjellgren. Ed Yale University Press. 350p. 2007.
68. MASKS. Their meaning and function. Andreas Lommel. Ed Ferndale. 226p. 1981.
69. The Robert And Lisa SAINSBURY Collection. The Museum of Primitive Art, New-York. Ed NY Graphic Society. 36p. 1963.
70. SPLENDID ISOLATION. Art of easter Island. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Eric Kjellgren. 79p. 2001.
lempertz 71. LEMPERTZ. Tribal Art Africa. 26 April 2008. Brussels.
  72. Art and Artifacts of POLYNESIA. Hurst Gallery. 63p. 1990.
megalodon 73. MEGALODON. Hunting the Hunter. Mark Renz. Ed PaleoPress. 158p. 2002.
74. Adorning the World. Art of the Marquesas Islands. Eric Kjellgren. 128p. 2005.
75. ART AT AUCTION 1977-78. Sotheby Parke Bernet. 496p.
76. BONHAMS. Tribal Art. Tuesday 23rd June 1992, 2.30pm.
Christie s-28-nov-84
77. CHRISTIE'S EAST. New-York. Tribal Art. Wednesday, November 18, 1984.
78. MAJAPAHIT. Beurdeley & Cie. 1989.
  79. KORWARS AND KORWARS STYLE. Th. P. van Baaren. Ed Mouton. 104p. 1968.
  80. SOTHEBY'S. New-York Gallery. Important Tribal Art. Friday, December 2, 1983.
sculpture of the batak
81. Sculpture of the Batak. James Willis Gallery . 22p. 1979.
christie s amsterdam 21 fev 1985 82. CHRISTIE'S AMSTERDAM. Tribal Art, Indonesian Works of Art, Antiquities and Eastern Rugs and Carpets, .... 83p. Thursday 21 February 1985.
  83. ASIATICA - ETHNOGRAPHICA. Thomas Murray. 2001.
  84. PAPUAN Art in the Rijksmuseum. Exhibition summer 1966 Amsterdam. 100p.
85. Fossilized Shark's Teeth & Fossils, A photo identification guide. Byron Fink. 2004.
bonhams 12 oct 1992
86. BONHAMS. Tribal Art and Asian Art. Monday 12th October 1992, 1:00 pm.
oceanic art schmitz
87. OCEANIC ART. Myth, Man and Image in the South Seas. Carl. A. Schmitz. 405p.
  88. NEW-GUINEA Art in the Collection of the Museum of Primitive Art. Douglas Newton. 132p. 1967.
dreamkeepers 89. DREAMKEEPERS. A spirit journey into Aboriginal Australia. Harvey Arden. 1995. 219p
telling the truth about... 90. TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT ABORIGINAL HISTORY. Bain Attwood. Ed Allen and Unwin. 2005. 264p.
oceanic art 91. OCEANIC ART. Nicholas Thomas. Ed Thames and Hudson. World of Art. 2005. 216p.
aboriginal art 92. ABORIGINAL ART. New Edition. Wally Caruana. Ed Thames and Hudson. World of Art. 2003. 239p.
the original australians 93. THE ORIGINAL AUSTRALIANS. Story of the Aboriginal people. Josephine Flood. 2006. 306p.
wise women of the dreamtime 94. WISE WOMEN OF THE DREAMTIME. Aboriginal tales of the Ancestral powers. K. Langloh Parker and J. Lambert. 1993. 144p.
95. PRECOLUMBIAN ART of North America and Mexico “98 full color illustrations”. Ed. Octopus Books. 1972. 159p.
96. THE MESOAMERICAN BALLGAME. Vernon L. Scarborough and David R. Wilcox. Ed The University of Arizona Press. 1991. 403p.
Oldman Collection
98. THE OLDMAN COLLECTION OF MAORI ARTIFACTS. W.O.Oldman. New edition of Polynesian Society memoir 14. 2004. 46p.
Tribal art winter 97 99. TRIBAL ARTS. Winter 1997. 105p.

100. PRECOLUMBIAN ARCHITECTURE in Eastern North America. William N. Morgan. Ed University press of Florida. 1999. 256p.


101. BRUNEAF XVIII. Brussels Non European Art Fair. 04-08 juin 2008. Ed Secretariat Bruneaf. 2008. 128p.

Tribal art of PNG

102. TRIBAL ART OF PAPUA NEW GUINEA. Katerina Mataira.

Tribal Art

103. TRIBAL ARTS. Winter 1997. 105p.


104. NIAS. TRIBAL TREASURES. Ed Delft. 1990. 327p.

Christie s-6-MARCH-90

105. CHRISTIE’S. Tribal Art. Amsterdam tuesday 6 March 1990.

Christie s-16-APRIL-97

106. CHRISTIE’S. Amsterdam. Indonesian Art from a Luxembourg Collection. Wednesday, 16 April 1997.

Christie s-6-dec-95

107. CHRISTIE’S. Tribal Art. London. Wednesday, 6 décembre 1995 at 10:30

Christie s-30-NOV-94

108. CHRISTIE’S. Important Tribal Art. London. Wednesday, 30 November 1994 at 2:30 p.m.

109. AUCTION 86. G.H.R. von Koenigswald collection. Auction Saturday, May, 12th, 2007.