Maternity figure - Central Asmat

Ref : Asmat 26

Maternity figure - Central Asmat Great maternity figure collected in central Asmat during the early 80's by an Indonesian trader, carved in a piece of hard red wood this unique  piece is delivering a baby in a natural kneeling position like it is mostly done by indigenous people, in perfect condition it has not been cover with mud after carving as the Asmat usually do after carving, on the contrary this figure has been left in its natural state and has acquired a very nice natural honey patina of age. While the patina is indeed dof, color on the pictures I took is more shiny due to lightning and depending on your computer screen color. 

Height: 41 cm / 16 inches

Weight: 2 kg

Estimated age : 1960-70

Estimated value : US$ 1200-1600