Wooden ceremonial Asmat war shield

Ref : Asmat 130

Wooden ceremonial Asmat war shield Collected in central Asmat during a journey in Asmat territory in 2007 , the design on this shield depict S-shaped motifs called "eu wow" (eu means crocodile,  wow means woodcarving). The S-shape refers to a line along which the belly of a crocodile - or the belly of a head-hunting victim - was cut open. This line encloses, as it were, the soft part of the abdomen. At the top of the shield an ancestor figure with the head in the front while the rest of the body is well covered in the back from ennemy dards and spears. The designs are bold and uncluttered, the edge of the shield is pierced and decorated with sago-frond tassels.

Size: 201 x 99 cm / 79 x 39 inches

Estimated age : 2005