Coconut oil lamp - Dayak Bahau

Ref : Dayak 219

Coconut oil lamp - Dayak Bahau Recipient in iron wood with one elongated handle depicting an anthropomorphic figure with Aso motif (mythological dragon) showing a very deep glossy patina of age and use due to human manipulation and oil contact.
This object was used as a coconut oil lamp, one side of the double handle is missing from old times as the sculpture has two handles as per origin, probably male and female figure.
The recipient itself was burnt down slowly slowly by the power of the oily flame time after time giving an asymetric form with deep signs of burnt erosion.
A real unique museum piece we rarely come around

Height : 30 cm / 12 inches

Origin : Bahau Tribes  - East Borneo

Estimated age: early 19th century