Dayak Ancestor figure "Tajahan"

Ref : Dayak 91

Dayak Ancestor figure Tajahan
Iron wood standing male ancestor figure collected from the Ot Danum tribes of central Borneo, Parangkaraya area, Kapuas river. The term ‘hampatong’ refers to a wide range of figurative sculptures created by the various indigenous groups of Borneo, collectively known as Dayak peoples. Rather than one homogeneous society, Borneo is home to numerous communities with differing customs, languages and distinct art traditions.
The form and function of hampatong vary between different Dayak groups but they are generally carved from hardwood and include amulets and small figures for domestic use and large sculptures that are sometimes over four metres in height.
The present Hampatong was placed near the house to depict recently deceased ancestors and may have individualised human features in detailed carving. These sculptures provide a temporary home for the souls of the dead and are a personal expression of remembrance for deceased individuals. The ornate ancestor carvings also serve a protective spiritual function—they are a primary means of preventing disease from entering homes.

Height: 108 cm / 42.5 inches
Width: 12 cm / 4.8 inches

Weight: 12 kg

Circa 1900-20