Dayak Ancestor figure

Ref : Dayak 33

Dayak Ancestor figure Powerful Dayak ancestor figure hampatong collected from the Ot Danum tribe of west Borneo, wearing  the Dutch colonialist officer's uniform as it was perceived  as a powerful force to be reckoned with, acquiring their symbols would have increased their status. It may be also symbolic for their alliance to the colonialist Empire, it was not usual at that time for the Dayak nobles to wear uniforms, or part of it from different invaders, Chinese or European. Trade for chinese jar was common and much appreciated, costly to obtain, it was viewed as a sign of respectability and high ranking within the tribes men.
Remnant of old natural pigmentation and a deep eroded patina.... A real museum piece !!!!!!!!

Height : 208 cm / 82 inches

Weight : 200 Kg

Estimated age: 1820-1850