Dayak ancestor statue

Ref : Dayak 10

Dayak ancestor statue Iron wood sitting male ancestor figure collected from the Ot Danum tribes of central Borneo, Parangkaraya area, Kapuas river. In traditional communities such as the Ot Danum, many people still hold strong beliefs in benevolent and malevolent supernatural forces, usually embodied by spirits of nature, natural phenomenon (such as disease) and the souls of deceased ancestors. Festivals and rituals, and the art associated with such activities, are strongly focused on ensuring that these forces remain in balance to protect communities and encourage prosperity. This "Hampatong  tajahan" showing traces of erosion with a superb lichen patina all around was carved  during the early 19th century from a single piece of ironwood and was erected to commemorate a deceased relative.
Domestic images and hampatong  placed close to communal houses often depict recently deceased ancestors and may have individualized human features in detailed carving. These sculptures provide a temporary home for the souls of the dead and are a personal expression of remembrance for deceased individuals. The ornate ancestor carvings also serve a protective spiritual function—they are a primary means of preventing disease from entering homes.

Height : 142 cm / 56 inch

Circa  1850-1900