Hampatong polisi - kayan Dayak

Ref : Dayak 86

Hampatong polisi - kayan Dayak Dayak patung polisi  collected from the Kayan tribe of central Borneo during the 90's, this statue was erected to mark a territory and protect the community, carved from a single piece of ironwood with overstretch removable arms missing. This particular statue spent quiet a long time in the bottom of the Mahakam river for unknown circumstances and has got plenty of holes from shells bites, recover during the 80's it was then restored to its initial position and had acquired plenty of large and thick lichen spots before being kept inside the long house for years. All this natural process which tooks decenies gives to the hampatong an absolute  unique stlyle with a very smooth overall patina.

Height : 140cm / 65 inch

Weight : 25 kg

Estimated age: 1920-40