Keris Dapur Naga Siluman Luk 5

Ref : Keris003

Keris Dapur Naga Siluman Luk 5 Early 18th century (Tangguh Mataram Sultan Agung) Keris 5 "Luk" Dapur Naga Siluman, warangka  gayaman Jogyakarta (central Java). Damascus blade with a "Wos wutah" pamor, the ivory hilt carved in elephant tusk, the copper ring "Mendak Kendit" is decorated with semi-precious stone and the beautiful wooden sheath (Warangka) in Timoho wood (partly restored) is covered with a copper pendok traditionally carved with alas-alasan flowers and peacocks.
Such blades were famous among detectives and police afficers as it is beleived to help the owner in resolving enigmatic cases.

Length of the blade : 35cm / 13.5 inch
Length of the hilt : 10 cm / 4 inch

Total length : 46.5 cm / 18.3 inch

Estimated age : 18th century

Estimated value : US$ 2500-3500 SOLD