Keris Udan Mas - Jogyakarta

Ref : Keris 004

Keris Udan Mas - Jogyakarta Straight blade Keris Madjapahit "Udan Mas" (Late 16th century) from Jogyakarta, central Java, hilt carved in an elephant ivory, sheath made from Timoho wood was partly retored  and the "Mendak" is made of copper or brass.
"Udan Mas" is the most wanted pamor, its design is made of ring with a minimum of 3 layers, the position of the rings is strictly regulate but sometimes also in anarchic order.
Pamor "Udan Mas" can also be combinated with the pamor "Wos Wutah" and "Tunggal Semi", its purpose is to find the way of luck, this pamor fits to everyone.

Length of the blade : 32 cm / 12.5 inch
Length of the hilt : 9 cm / 3.5 inch

Total length : 48 cm / 18.8 inch

Estimated age : Late 16th century