Post colonial Korwar Ancestor Figure - Cendrawasih Bay

Ref : Biak 01

Post colonial Korwar Ancestor Figure - Cendrawasih Bay
Outstanding post colonial Korwar (Male ancestor figure) sculpted in a medium weight piece of wood and showing very nice honey colored natural patina of age.
As the other one this Korwar comes from a large collection acquired in Swapodibo (south Biak island) from the Ronsumbre family, of course not seen in any book yet, as for many authentic artifacts collected on the field .

This korwar get all the traditional features and lines adopted since the post colonial era and is one of the finest last Korwar from that time.
While most of the pre-colonial korwar were collected by foreign expeditions and missionaries,
the Ronsumbre, the last skillful Korwar carvers in Biak kept a large collection of beautiful Korwar and other artifacts for decades. Nowadays the tradition is almost dead as missionaries did a great job in converting all papuan inhabitant.

Height : 56 cm / 22 inches

Estimated age : 1950 or earlier

Estimated value :
US$ 3500-4500