Wooden dance shield - Nage people Flores

Ref : Flores 01

Wooden dance shield - Nage people Flores A truly scarce  shield dating to the early 20th century with old insect damage it has suffered about 25 percent loss especially around the perimeter, the figure's crown and the handle. Flore receives copious amount of rainfall on the mountains where the Nage tribes live  and is covered with lush jungle, given this moist and humid conditions, it is no wonder why these shields are not documented, they aren't many around.
The shield features a relief carved head as well as four deep relief carved panels rich in iconography, they include two crossed swords, a bull, a snake and a male ancestor shrine. All the panels are flanked with jungle vegetation, similar carved panels  can be seen on Nage ceremonial houses. It has numerous layers of old applied yellow, green, and reddish brown paint and has acquired a medium to dark patina from age and use.

Eastern Indonesia, Nage people, central mountains of Flores island.

Height: 23.75 inches
Width: 9.25 inches
Depth: 9 inches

Ex collection Bruce Franck New York
Ex colletion Paul Harris Anchorage Alaska
Ex collection Mike Auliso Los Angeles

Estimated age : 1920